Our Work will Outlast us All

Annual support from our generous members allow Preservation Maryland to advocate for historic buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes throughout Maryland, offer important educational programming, and to provide grants to directly preserve the best of Maryland.

Preservation Maryland’s volunteer crew at Antietam Battlefield for a workday as part of our impactful Six-to-Fix program.

Your gift directly supports the preservation of Maryland’s irreplaceable heritage — and helps revitalize our historic communities.

Funding from Preservation Maryland is often the difference between “lost” and “saved.” Can you help?

We are Maryland’s first and foremost organization dedicated to preserving Maryland historic place. Help us continue that mission.

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Designing creative new uses for places like this 1830s cabin on Jonathan Street in Hagerstown

We gather great preservation, architecture, and commercial minds together to develop sustainable reuse plans for threatened historic sites.

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Saving Ellicott City’s historic character after two historic floods

Our emergency response to the 2016 and 2018 floods – and our on-going commitments – prevented large-scale demolition and are guiding a creative recovery.

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Putting Americans to work through the Campaign for Historic Trades

With the National Park Service, our national Campaign is training the next generation of skilled preservationists.

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Our public history work includes a focus on bringing underrepresented communities into the historic record

We’ve lead efforts to research and tell the stories of America’s suffragists, Marylanders on the Underground Railroad, and LGBTQ history in Maryland.

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Smart Growth Maryland advocates for an environmentally and economically sustainable future

Together preservation and smart growth creates opportunities for all Marylanders through better development patterns.

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More Ways to Give

Right Now

Sustaining Membership

When you join Preservation Maryland, you are joining and supporting a mission driven organization that makes real impacts. We are a lean, efficient organization that is focused on saving the places that make Maryland great.

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Preservation Maryland welcomes you to be an essential partner in Maryland’s oldest and largest historic preservation non-profit by sustaining our work through a recurring annual membership. While you can choose to renew your membership annual, we recommend establishing a simple recurring donation – it’s easier on you – and saves Preservation Maryland time and money. You choose the monthly or annual amount.

Benefits of Membership

  • A one-year subscription to The Phoenix newsletter, a quarterly publication, beautifully designed and mailed directly to you. Previous issues are available online as PDF downloads.
  • Discounted tickets to all of Preservation Maryland events, including the Six-to-Fix reveal party, the Best of Maryland awards celebration, and workshops and field trips.
  • Timely notifications and action alerts so that your voice will be heard when preservation issues require grassroots involvement from supporters like you.
  • Access and invitations to exclusive members-only events like hard-hat tours of preservation projects-in-progress, intimate group tours of historic neighborhoods, and small gatherings.
  • Your support will be recognized in our distinctively designed and widely distributed Annual Report.

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Make A Donation

Making a one-time or recurring gift to Preservation Maryland is simple and can be done online, or by check through the mail. Your gift will immediately start protecting the historic resources of the Old Line State.

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Amazon Smile

Amazon.com brings in over 100 billion dollars of revenue each year, and there’s a way for Preservation Maryland to tap into their successes. Please shop at smile.amazon.com and designated Preservation Maryland as your charity of choice.

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Take the Next Step

Partnerships & Sponsorships

Marylanders who understand the importance of preserving our history are an important market niche for your business and organization. Preservationists are highly educated, professionally successful, and financially secure – we can help you reach them.

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Preservation Maryland welcomes opportunities to partner with businesses and organizations allied with our mission, and there are many ways this can be done.

  • Sponsor a Preservation Maryland event
  • Purchase an ad in The Phoenix newsletter
  • Sponsor episodes of our podcast, PreserveCast
  • Establish a reciprocal referral program
  • Become a Corporate Member of Preservation Maryland

For more information, please contact Preservation Maryland at info@presmd.org or contact Patrick Mooney, Development Associate, at pmooney@presmd.org.

Workplace Giving

Supporting Preservation Maryland through your workplace is easy. Does your company participate in the Maryland Charity Campaign or United Way of Central Maryland, or will your company match your gift to Preservation Maryland?

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Employees of local or Maryland state government can give to Preservation Maryland through the Maryland Charity Campaign using number 4877.

If your company participants in the United Way of Central Maryland, you can select Preservation Maryland as your charity of choice using number 4405502.

Does your company have a matching program for employee’s charitable donations? If it does, look for us on the Benevity Causes Portal and let your employer know of your generous support to preserve the best of Maryland.

Note: Preservation Maryland may be listed or registered with our original name, The Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities, Inc., with some agencies. Both names are legally active and in most cases, either name will work for making a gift.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock to Preservation Maryland may help you avoid paying capital gains on the appreciated value of stock that you hold in publicly traded companies. The sale value of the stock can then be applied as a tax-deduction for you.

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Donors to Preservation Maryland can avoid paying capital gains on the appreciated value of the stock they hold in publicly traded companies by giving Preservation Maryland the stock before it is sold. We will sell the stock and send you a receipt acknowledging the value of your gift. You can then use this value as a tax-deduction on your state and federal tax returns. With any large gift, we always recommend that the donor consult with their attorney or accountant before making the gift.

To make a gift of stock, please follow these two simple steps further outlined in this Gift of Stock form (Coming Soon):

  • Information Preservation Maryland of your donation using this form.
  • Transfer your stock to our Brown Advisory account.

With any large gift, you are welcome to contact Preservation Maryland to discuss your wishes, and we always recommend that the donor consult with their attorney or accountant before making the gift.

Make A Lasting Impact

Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts through wills or living trusts provide Preservation Maryland long-term financial security, and help ensure that we can continue our work for years to come. Planned giving is also a way for you to contribute money to Preservation Maryland while simultaneously realizing some of your estate and financial planning goals.

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To let us know you have included Preservation Maryland in your will/estate plans, please complete and return the Legacy Society enrollment form. Every person who has included Preservation Maryland in their estate plans is listed a member of our exclusive Legacy Society.

Because everyone’s situations are different, we offer a variety of arrangements to meet your needs. These gifts vary widely in size, form and purpose, but strengthens our work.  Here’s are some examples:

Making a Bequest

Bequests are gifts that are made through a will or living trust. They allow the donor to make provisions for a significant future gift while still having access and control over their assets while they are alive.

Your gift to Preservation Maryland can be for a specific amount, a percentage of the total of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after other provisions have been satisfied. You should speak with the attorney who is preparing your will about how you would like to structure your bequest.

Donors may request that their bequest support Preservation Maryland’s work across the state, or they may designate one or more regions of the state where Preservation Maryland will direct the proceeds of their gift. The regions are: Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, Western Maryland, Central Maryland, and the Maryland National Capital Area.

Larger bequests may be segmented within Preservation Maryland’s pool of assets for special use or designation. Donors whose gifts are expected to be $100,000 or more may request that their gift support a specific program, and donors whose gifts are expected to be $500,000 or more may request that their gift include the recognition of their name. Please contact Preservation Maryland to discuss these unique requests before your will is prepared.

No matter which approach you choose, you will have the comfort of knowing that your gift will support Preservation Maryland’s work for many years to come.

Checking Accounts

By filling out a simple form at your financial institution you can designate Preservation Maryland to receive the remaining funds in your checking account or CD after you’re gone.

Life Insurance

Many individuals have life insurance policies whose benefits they no longer need. If this applies to you, you may want to consider naming Preservation Maryland the beneficiary and assigning us ownership of the policy. In doing so, you will receive a charitable deduction; and in removing the life insurance policy from your estate, you may also reduce your estate taxes.

Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are excellent assets to leave to Preservation Maryland. IRAs and qualified retirement plans such as 401(k)s, when passed on to heirs, can incur as much as 70 percent in taxes, because this asset faces double taxation. Not only is the plan benefit reduced by estate taxes, but the recipient must also pay income taxes on the plan.

If you plan to make a Legacy Gift to Preservation Maryland, you may want to consider naming us the beneficiary of your 401(k), pension, or other retirement plan, and leaving other assets to your family. Naming us the primary beneficiary avoids all income and estate taxes on the retirement plan. Of course, you can also name Preservation Maryland for a portion of the assets, or as a contingent beneficiary, with the gift to be effective only after the death of a spouse or other family member.

Moreover, in 2001 the IRS issued favorable, simplified new rules for calculating minimum annual payments from IRAs and other retirement accounts such as 401(k)s. These new rules make it easier for you to accumulate more savings – tax deferred – in your account. Now you can name Preservation Maryland as a beneficiary without increasing the minimum amounts you must withdraw each year. By taking advantage of these new rules, you can keep more tax-deferred savings in your account during your life, and designate an important future gift to Preservation Maryland.

Simply contact your plan manager, ask for a change of beneficiary form, and name Preservation Maryland.

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