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Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee passed infrastructure budget reconciliation legislation that includes provisions to expand the federal Historic Tax Credit.  Unfortunately, current negotiations with leadership to reduce the cost and scope of the bill means that all historic tax credit provisions are in jeopardy.

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An occupation is the principal activity one engages to earn money. A profession is an occupation requiring special knowledge or skill.​ At the time writing this, historic trades are not an official occupation. For example, a carpenter has a job code on the Occupation Information Network, O*NET: 47-2031.00 – Carpenters. It explains what a carpenter does, their knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as employment data, like wages and job prospects.

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A historic barn in Maryland.

By Preservation Maryland

Preservation Primer: Saving & Preserving Historic Barns

Barns tell the story of Maryland. They are stunning visual anchors on the agricultural landscape that mark time and remind us all of the Old Line State’s farming heritage. From the weathered tobacco barns of Southern Maryland to the towering bank barns of Western Maryland, the forces of nature, development and neglect have left many barns in need of repair. This introductory guide is meant as a first place to begin a project to restore a historic barn.

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kent county flag

By Preservation Maryland

Flags Across Maryland: Kent County

In this feature, Preservation Maryland is exploring the unique history of five county flags across the state

The Kent County flag, adopted in 1990, features the Great Seal of Kent emblazoned on a blue background. The seal itself is separated into four quadrants. Counter-clockwise, quadrants I and IV feature the fleur-de-lis, symbolizing France, and three gold lions passant (walking), representing England. Quadrant II features the red lion rampant (standing) of Scotland and quadrant III shows a large gold harp, representing Ireland. Emblazoned in the center is the gold lion rampant of the House of Nassau. The heraldry symbolizes the co-monarchy of William and Mary, King and Queen of England, Scotland, and France in 1642, when Kent County was established. 

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