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Across the nation, thousands of construction jobs go unfilled – a quiet crisis that grows each day. In order to address this challenge, the National Park Service and Preservation Maryland are partnering on The Campaign for Historic Trades to increase opportunities for all Americans to enter the trades and help restore the nation’s vast and irreplaceable heritage.

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Across the nation, thousands of construction jobs go unfilled – a quiet crisis that grows each day.

The problem is only magnified for the historic trades which also suffer from a lack of new entrants into the workforce. 

In order to address this challenge, the National Park Service and Preservation Maryland are partnering on The Campaign for Historic Trades to increase opportunities for all Americans to enter the trades and help restore the nation’s vast and irreplaceable heritage.


Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program participants in Tennessee, 2019..

The Campaign for Historic Trades will support the diverse needs of the National Historic Preservation Training Center, with a central focus on the Center’s work to train skilled preservation tradespeople through its Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program (TTAP).

In addition, the Campaign will work to increase awareness of the Center’s preservation projects around the nation and to expand the scale and impact of the educational outreach provided by the Center. The Campaign and its staff will work to encourage private philanthropic support of these efforts. The Center and the Campaign will also work in partnership to expand the geographic footprint of the apprenticeship program in 2020 and beyond.

Preservation Maryland was selected by the National Park Service to act as the official charitable partner of the National Historic Preservation Training Center, which is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, due to the non-profit’s nearly nine-decade long commitment to preservation in Maryland and beyond. The Campaign will be administered as a program of Preservation Maryland, a 501c3 non-profit organization, with a uniquely national focus.

In Maryland, and beyond, the Campaign for Historic Trades will seek out philanthropic support to support the Center’s mission and specifically to engage at-risk youth, young adults and recent veterans in the Center’s well-proven apprenticeship programs. Early and generous support has been provided by Tauck Tours, Inc., the Driehaus Foundation and The 1772 Foundation.

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How Can i learn more about this campaign?

There are many ways to get involved in The Campaign for Historic Trades. There are opportunities for potential apprentices, foundations, companies, organizations, and property owners to be a part of the Campaign. As the program develops, we’d love to keep in touch with you. Please sign up for updates about the Campaign and you will be notified by Campaign staff shortly.

CAn I become an apprentice?

Currently, the Campaign for Historic Trades recruits within the eligibility requirements of the Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program (TTAP). The TTAP program is focused on recruiting young adults, ages 18 through 30, and post-9/11 veterans. Cohorts of TTAP apprentices ranging in size from 4 to 12 individuals and are located around the country. Generally, apprentices are placed in National Park units with significant preservation projects underway. TTAP apprentices are led by trained Park Service tradespeople and are provided several industry-accepted certifications during their six-month training.

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Funds raised by the Campaign are directly supporting a cohort of veteran apprentices this summer who are working to rehabilitate and restore historic resources at Antietam National Battlefield, Gettysburg National Military Park and Manassas National Battlefield. Additional cohorts of apprentices from the Training Center are also working this summer to restore similar resources in Georgia, Puerto Rico, coastal Virginia and northern California.


How Can Local or Statewide Preservation Groups Participate?

If you have a National Park unit in your region, you may be able to participate. Local and statewide preservation partners can help support this effort by working in partnership with Campaign for Historic Trades staff to identify potential park units, help to identify feeder organizations/programs for recruiting apprentices locally, help to identify private sector contractors in your region where apprentices could be placed at the end of their training, and identify potential funders to help expand the program in your region.

Is There a Cost for Partners to Participate?

No. The Campaign for Historic Trades primarily needs your connections to help with recruitment and placement. However, there is a need to develop further sources of funds to expand this program and train more apprentices and introducing Campaign staff to potential funders will help to grow the program. This does not mean handing over funders – in fact – funds could flow via the partner group and allow the local/statewide organization to establish itself as a workforce development organization. The Campaign is intentionally designed to be flexible and collegial with nonprofit partners. We are a nonprofit and understand your position.


The Campaign for Historic Trades is currently working with the National Park Service to identify project sites for 2020. If you are interested in participating, begin by collecting the following answers to the following questions before contacting Preservation Maryland:

  • What National Park unit(s) are you interested in working with? Is there a specific project they are considering?
  • What existing job/construction training programs exist in your community? Would you be able to introduce Campaign staff?
  • What private sector preservation contractors exist in your community or broader region who might be interested in hiring apprentices out of this program?
  • Are there potential workforce development funders in your community who might be interested in sponsoring a cohort or helping to fund classes during training to the general public?

Once you have answers to these questions, send an email summarizing your interest and answers. Submit that email to with the subject line Historic Trades Project and the Campaign will be in touch with you shortly.

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News & Updates

On the evening of July 22, 2020, the House of Representatives approved one of the most significant pieces of conservation legislation in a generation, the Great American Outdoors Act, with broad bipartisan support. Having passed the Senate in June, the legislation is on its way to the President’s desk, who specifically requested the bill for his signature.

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A leading consulting firm in the study of preservation, revitalization, and reinvestment economics, PlaceEconomics, has just released a clear case for including historic preservation principles squarely into COVID-19 recovery efforts.

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Preservation Maryland Executive Director, Nicholas Redding was selected by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to serve as vice chairman of the Council’s recently formed Traditional Trades Training Task Force. The Task Force is led by Aimee Jorjani, Chairman of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation with the goal of building a preservation ethic in construction trades and to highlight the worth of the skilled craft worker.

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By Nicholas A. Redding

Membership 2020: Preservation Is An Act of Optimism

To be a preservationist, you need to be an optimist.  You need to look at the dilapidated building, see what once was, and have the vision to see what could be.  Today, at a time when despair would be easy, I need you to reach deep into your reserves of optimism – and help us build a brighter future by joining Preservation Maryland.

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Morgan State University was recently awarded a grant from the National Park Service to continue its work repairing the historic University Memorial Chapel on campus in Baltimore City.

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By Preservation Maryland

Announcing the Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowship

The National Park Service, in partnership with Preservation Maryland, is pleased to announce the Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowship to promote innovation and professional growth in the field of historic preservation. The fellowship is a short-term opportunity to pursue a unique self-directed project under the guidance of a mentor. Fellows will receive recognition for a distinguished achievement while creating original preservation training content, performing research, or enhancing leadership and management skills.

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As a part of the Campaign for Historic Trades’ planned expansion, the new program of Preservation Maryland was recently accepted as a member of The Corps Network, the national association of service and conservation corps.

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Preservation Maryland staff at our Phoenix Rising gala, October 2019.

By Preservation Maryland

Top 11 Preservation Victories of 2019

In 2019, Preservation Maryland achieved several important victories across our major programs, including advocacy, grantmaking, smart growth, historic trades, and all of our research and education efforts. At any one-time, our staff is working on many active and on-going projects and what follows is just a sample of our donor-supported work of which we are most proud.

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On Tuesday, December 17, representatives of The J.M. Kaplan Fund gathered with long-term supporters and key funders of Preservation Maryland at Fort McHenry National Monument to officially announce and award Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding with the 2019 JMK Innovation Prize.

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On Thursday, November 7, 2019, the Campaign for Historic Trades, a program of Preservation Maryland, was invited to present before the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation about the innovative new public-private partnership.

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