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Smart Growth Maryland is a campaign of Preservation Maryland which advocates for a more environmentally and economically sustainable future that creates opportunities for all Marylanders through better development patterns.

About Smart Growth

Downtown Frederick has benefited from smart growth tools and investments.

What is Smart Growth Maryland?

Smart Growth Maryland is a campaign of Preservation Maryland which advocates for a more environmentally and economically sustainable future that creates opportunities for all Marylanders through better development patterns.

Smart Growth Maryland was launched in 2018 when 1000 Friends of Maryland, an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization merged into Preservation Maryland. This merger of activities resulted in increased efficiencies, bigger impacts and more donor dollars put towards the critical work of helping save historic places and growing smarter.

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How We Work

How Does Smart Growth Maryland Accomplish Its Work?

Smart Growth Maryland focuses its work in three critical areas: advocacy, education and technical assistance.

The staff of Smart Growth Maryland advocate at the local, state and federal level for programs and policies which incentivize smarter growth patterns and protect critical natural, cultural and historic resources. In addition, Smart Growth Maryland also presents at workshops, trainings, seminars and conferences throughout the state to provide access to the latest trends in smart growth. Smart Growth Maryland’s professional staff also works throughout the state to assist counties, municipalities and developers that are contemplating smart growth projects. Staff provides a wide range of expert technical assistance with projects aimed at revitalization, land-use planning and resource conservation.

How are Smart Growth and Historic Preservation Connected?

Historic preservation was the original smart growth movement.

Preservationists have long made the argument that revitalization of existing communities – and their historic places – is the wisest form of economic redevelopment. When existing communities are revitalized, sprawl is limited. This symbiotic relationship has kept the smart growth and historic preservation communities advocating on each other’s behalf for many years.

The launch of Smart Growth Maryland further solidified an already strong relationship between these two interest areas. Smart Growth Maryland provides Preservation Maryland with the ability to advocate for an even greater set of policies and programs that make preservation work possible. Alternatively, Preservation Maryland provides the smart growth community a unique partner to advance their common mission and to utilize historic places as a part of an overall smart growth message.

The overlap between smart growth and historic preservation is impressive. Many examples abound:

  • Interest in the reuse of historic buildings in downtowns is unlikely if sprawl remains a viable option. Adaptive reuse of historic buildings becomes more economically feasible in communities where open space is protected and sprawl is curtailed.
  • Rural agricultural landscapes are as much a part Maryland’s history as the barns and farmhouses which dot them. Saving open space is most effective in communities which prioritize the redevelopment of existing areas rather than encouraging sprawl.
  • Saving historic buildings in communities without walkable sidewalks and bikeable streets and is more difficult than in communities with complete, pedestrian friendly streets.
  • Redevelopment of historic neighborhoods is extremely difficult in the absence of reliable and effective transit options. Traffic choked roads and gridlock are barriers to the effective reuse of historic buildings and the revitalization of historic communities.

In addition to these specific examples, smart growth advocates and historic preservationists also share a common affinity for several broader issues here in Maryland:

How is Smart Growth Maryland Organized and Funded?

Smart Growth Maryland is a campaign or “program’ of Preservation Maryland. Smart Growth Maryland is not an independent organization. The finances of Smart Growth Maryland, like all other programs of Preservation Maryland, are annually reported on Preservation Maryland’s IRS 990 form. Donations restricted to the Smart Growth Maryland Campaign are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and are recognized by an acknowledgment letter from Preservation Maryland. Smart Growth Maryland is supported by many individual, corporate, organizational and foundation donors.

Who is on the staff of Smart Growth Maryland?

Smart Growth Maryland is administratively and programmatically supported by the staff of Preservation Maryland. Just as Preservation Maryland supports the rest of its programs like Heritage Fund grants and our Six-to-Fix program, the organization provides both leadership and support for Smart Growth Maryland. Preservation Maryland maintains an extremely low overhead rate and invests nearly 90 cents of every donor’s dollar directly into programs.

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News & Updates

Earlier this year, the City Dock Action Committee presented their recommendations for Annapolis’ City Dock in a public meeting, illustrated report, and a video of architectural rendering.

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By Smart Growth Maryland

Smart Growth Maryland: Update from Frederick County

From trees to farms to historic places, Smart Growth Maryland has been working hard to help protect, preserve and revitalize key communities across the state and specifically in Frederick County.

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Preservation Maryland is in the midst of one of its busiest legislative sessions, with the organization championing several key bills and testifying on many other important pieces of legislation.

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Frederick County farmland near Jefferson, Maryland. Flickr user Mike Procario.

By Smart Growth Maryland

Job Opportunity: Smart Growth Maryland Program Manager

Preservation Maryland is currently recruiting for a full-time Program Manager to join our team and lead the Smart Growth Maryland program.

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Smart Growth Maryland is supporting much-needed legislation concerning land acquisition introduced by Senator Ron Young of Frederick County, a longtime champion for responsible planning, sustainable communities, and historic preservation.

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The Maryland Board of Public Works recently approved funding for the acquisition of conservation easements across Maryland through the state’s Rural Legacy Program.

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With all due respect to New York Times’ editorial Board member Binyamin Appelbaum, who recently published a lengthy opinion against preservation, preservation is neither wholly perfect nor entirely harmful – there are shades of gray to this story which would have been worth exploring and considering on the pages of one of America’s true legacy newspapers.

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Governor Hogan’s newly released FY21 budget includes full funding for Program Open Space, as well as repayment of funds from the program that had been previously diverted.

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In this special guest blog, Maryland State Delegate Brooke Lierman makes a powerful case for the important role historic preservation can play in helping Maryland grow smarter. 

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In response to an announcement by the Hogan Administration that calls for the expansion Maryland highways, over 20 non-profit and community advocacy organizations, including Smart Growth Maryland, launched a new coalition, Maryland Advocates for Sustainable Transportation, to steer the conversation to more sustainable transportation solutions.

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