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Preservation Maryland administers several grant programs that provide a unique stable source of funding for preservation, planning, public history, and other innovative revitalization and conversation projects across the state.

Baltimore City Historic Preservation Fund

The third round of Baltimore City Historic Preservation Funding is open for applications. Applications are due August 6, 2021.

Preservation Maryland, in partnership with the Maryland Historical Trust, Baltimore Heritage, and the Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation, are proud to partner for the Baltimore City Historic Preservation Fund. Funds for the grant program are provided by the Baltimore Community Foundation. The fund’s goal is to provide direct assistance for capital and non-capital activities that advance efforts to preserve historically significant properties in the City of Baltimore.

A special focus of this initiative is to support projects that not only preserve structures but are also important to neighborhood identity and contribute to the revitalization of communities. In the first two rounds, the Baltimore Preservation Fund supported sixteen projects totaling $120,000 in grant awards.

Tax-exempt organizations performing work in the City of Baltimore are eligible to apply for recommended grant requests of $1,000-$10,000. Projects must take place in the City of Baltimore. Projects eligible for the competitive grant funds include, but are not limited to, rehabilitation work of historic materials, preparation of National Register nominations, educational, research, and planning efforts related to preservation efforts.

Please contact Jessica Feldt, Preservation Initiatives Manager at with any questions.

Applications for the 2021 round are due August 6, 2021.

Projects Eligible for funding

  • Capital and non-capital activities located in the City of Baltimore,
  • Rehabilitation of the historic fabric of properties that significantly contribute to the history of Baltimore and its neighborhoods,
  • Preparation of National Register nominations of historic districts,
  • Rehabilitation of the historic fabric of individual historically significant sites that support active neighborhood revitalization strategies,
  • Public archaeology or public history programs that strengthen neighborhood cohesion, or
  • Educational, research, promotion, and planning efforts related to historic resource preservation that enhances ongoing neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Criteria for grant awards

The following criteria will be used by the selection committee to evaluate and select projects for funding that meet the purposes and priorities of the fund:

  • Historical or cultural significance of the resource(s) and overall importance to neighborhood identity,
  • Impact of the project on neighborhood revitalization efforts, including the project’s potential to have a transformative effect,
  • Urgency of the need for financial assistance,
  • Capacity and readiness of the applicant to initiate and complete the project,
  • Financial leverage including the use of tax credits, cash, and in-kind matching funds to support the project,
  • Value of the project to the preservation or enhancement of the resource and the significance of the resource to community identity,
  • The extent the project can raise awareness of preservation or serve as a model for future preservation efforts.
  • Demonstrated community support for the project,
  • Capability of the project to improve the appreciation and preservation of historical and cultural resources in Baltimore’s underserved communities.


Please see the full guidelines for more information about eligibility, application requirements, and evaluation criteria. To apply, complete the online application, being sure to complete all the fields and attach all required supplementary materials.

Read Full Guidelines

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Required Supplementary Materials

  • At least two digital photographs,
  • Applicant organization’s most recent financial statement or audit,
  • IRS determination letter of tax-exempt status
  • At least one letter of support from a neighborhood association, community organization, or elected official,
  • Any plans, estimates, or proposals from contractors or consultants,
  • Project budget.

Grant Terms

  • Projects must comply with all state and local planning requirements
  • All capital projects must comply with Baltimore City Historic Preservation Design Guidelines,
  • Recipients will receive an initial disbursement of 25% of the total grant award. Additional funds will be disbursed on a reimbursable basis.
  • Demonstrated progress must be made on the project within 12 months and be completed within 3 years.
  • Award recipients must submit a brief summary of their project and at least two photographs of completed capital projects.
  • Submitted images may be used by Selection Committee organizations for use in online and printed outreach for the Baltimore City Historic Preservation Fund.

Heritage Fund Grants

The Heritage Fund, a cooperative effort of Preservation Maryland and the Maryland Historical Trust, provides direct assistance for the protection of historical and cultural resources and promotes innovative demonstration projects that can be successfully replicated to meet Maryland’s historic preservation needs. The Fund is intended to serve the needs of tangible cultural resources in Maryland. Historic sites, buildings, districts, objects, and archaeological resources are all eligible for funding.

The Heritage Fund provides direct assistance for the protection of endangered cultural resources and promotes innovative education projects that can inform best practices across the state. Non-profit organizations and local jurisdictions are eligible to apply. Eligible projects fall into three general categories: education and research, planning and feasibility, and repair and rehabilitation. The next round of Heritage Fund applications will be due Friday, September 17, 2021.  

UPDATE: For the safety of our staff and partners, all Preservation Maryland team members are working remotely. If you are applying for a grant Preservation Initiatives Manager, Jessica Feldt, remains available by email and phone with email as the preferred method to make initial contact.

Projects eligible for funding

Projects must be located in the state of Maryland

Non-profit organizations and local jurisdictions are eligible to apply.

Stabilization or acquisition of endangered historic properties

Feasibility studies, architectural plans, structural assessments, and historic structure reports

Projects benefiting archaeological resources including curatorial services

Repair and restoration of historic materials

Educational, research, and planning efforts related to resource preservation

Organizational development for local preservation organizations – including but not limited to:

  • Board and volunteer development
  • Establishing strategic planning goals
  • Membership development
  • Marketing plans
  • Fundraising activities
  • Media relations
  • Collaborative projects are encouraged

Legal services engaged to protect endangered historic resources – including structures, sites, archaeological resources, or the creation or strengthening of a local preservation ordinance

Specifications for Fiscal Year 2021

The minimum grant is $1,000 and the maximum grant is $10,000. Application deadlines are March 19 and September 17, 2021.

Criteria for grant awards

The following criteria will be used by the selection committee to evaluate and select projects for funding, on a competitive basis, that meet the purposes and priorities of the Heritage Fund:

  • Relative historical and cultural significance of the resource(s)
  • Urgency of the need for financial assistance
  • Provision for long-term resource preservation
  • Administrative capability of the applicant
  • Extent to which the project stimulates or promotes other preservation activities
  • Educational value of the project
  • Demonstrative and innovative value of the project
  • Extent to which the project leverages other sources of financial assistance
  • Readiness of the applicant to initiate and complete the project
  • Extent to which the project contributes to the equitable geographic distribution of Heritage Fund money across the state


Funds will be disbursed on a reimbursable basis.

When relevant, all work must comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

A cash or in-kind match of at least 10% is required.

Any materials or publicity produced in relation to the project must include the following citation: “Funding for this project was provided in part by Preservation Maryland and the Maryland Historical Trust.” Copies of the materials should be submitted to Preservation Maryland.

Grant award recipients may apply for the same project or site one year after the award date.

Projects must be completed within one year of grant approval.

Award recipients must submit a brief recap of their project and at least two photos of completed bricks and mortar projects or alternate forms of documentation for other projects.

How to Apply

Interested parties should contact Preservation Maryland to discuss the proposed project before submitting an application. Open the online application and review the questions on the application form. We encourage you to craft your long-form answers into a separate document before beginning and copy and paste them into the form. Gather all required supplementary materials in a digital format. There is a total file size limit of 20MB for all attachments submitted on the application form. Resize items to meet this requirement. Complete the online application and attach supplementary material.

Required supplementary materials include:

    • Organization’s latest financial statement or audit
    • IRS determination letter of tax-exempt status
    • Project budget including all project expenses and in-hand or pledged funding
    • Relevant guiding documents, plans, estimates, and proposals from contractors or consultants
    • Minimum of one letter of support or endorsement from a local elected official
    • Minimum of two representative photographs of the project
    • If the nominator and property owner are different, a letter of support from the property owner

Upon receipt of a completed application, staff will conduct a review and determine if any additional information is needed. Applicants will be notified about grant decisions 6-8 weeks after the grant deadline.

Next Deadline: Friday, September 17, 2021

Download the Guidelines (PDF)

Review the Application Questions

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