The Point of Preservation

By Preservation Maryland

Preservation Maryland’s local partners at the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County put together a phenomenal Op-Ed on the role, value, and point of preservation — and have made yet another great case for adaptively reusing the iconic Bel-Loc Diner.

Timothy Bishop and Bryan Fischer, the chairman of the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County and the group’s County Council District 5 director, eloquently argued that preserving places like the Bel-Loc Diner makes sense aesthetically and economically. We appreciate our partners at the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County voice on this matter and their efforts have done all Maryland preservationists proud.


Bishop and Fischer conclude their argument by offering that,

“Starbucks and Baltimore County have the opportunity to create a world class model of economic development and preservation. It is our hope that private industry and government make the right choice. Slash and burn developers turn a quick profit and leave acres of pavement and sameness in their wake. Baltimore County deserves better. Our history and our places deserve a future.”

Preservation Maryland

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