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Thu, 08/13.

Old Line State Summit: Increasing Meaningful Public Participation in the Planning Process


Hosted by Preservation Maryland

Cost: Free

A municipal planning process can intimidating and inequitable, but many of the most important decisions that impact a community are made in the planning process. This session will explore ways to demystify the planning process with the goal of broader engagement for all citizens by examining how people interact with the process and how the process interacts with them. Speakers for this session are State Delegate Stephanie Smith and Allie O’Neill of the Neighborhood Design Center.

Given the illegal nature of its operations, sites of the Underground Railroad across the United State were often hidden and secret. That necessity now presents a challenge to preservationists dedicated to identifying, preserving, and interpreting these important histories where they happened. Speakers for this session include Dr. Kate Clifford Larson, author and historian, Heather Ersts, Outreach & Partnership Coordinator for the Maryland Department of Tourism Development, and Dennis A. Doster, Ph.D., Director of the M-NCPPC Black History Program.

Fri, 09/18.

Deadline: Heritage Fund Grant Program Application Deadline

Hosted by Preservation Maryland, Maryland Historical Trust

The Heritage Fund provides direct assistance for the protection of endangered cultural resources and promotes innovative education projects that can inform best practices across the state. Non-profit organizations and local jurisdictions are eligible to apply. Eligible projects fall into three general categories: education and research, planning and feasibility, and repair and rehabilitation. The next round of Heritage Fund applications will be due Friday, September 18, 2020.


The City of Brunswick is undertaking an initiative to create protections for its historic community in the form of a Conservation District. This session will walk through what a conservation district is, how it works to protect historic communities, the process Brunswick went through, and the lessons learned.

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