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The City of Brunswick is undertaking an initiative to create protections for its historic community in the form of a Conservation District. This session will walk through what a conservation district is, how it works to protect historic communities, the process Brunswick went through, and the lessons learned.

Fri, 09/25.

Association for Preservation Technology DC Annual Symposium


Hosted by Association for Preservation Technology DC

Cost: $0-$15

The devastating April 2019 Notre Dame fire shockingly brought to the forefront of every preservationist’s mind how quickly hundreds of years’ worth of historic material can go up in smoke.  While this fire’s aftermath is sure to kindle years of study and may eventually provide valuable lessons and technologies for improving fire safety, cultural resources around the world continue to be at risk for damage and destruction by fire, flood, earthquake, sea-level rise, and other harms. In many (perhaps most) cases, this risk arises not from a failure to deploy complex and expensive technological safety devices, but instead from owners and institutions simply not having taken the time to systematically Consider what disasters their resources are most likely to face.

Preservation Maryland invites you to a very special evening event at Bengie’s Drive-In on Thursday, October 1, 2020 – the safe and celebratory event will reimagine two of our favorite events of the year – Phoenix Rising and the Best of Maryland Awards – and a one-night-only screening of The Money Pit.

Fri, 10/16.

Deadline: Baltimore City Historic Preservation Fund

Hosted by Preservation Maryland

The Baltimore City Historic Preservation Fund is a dedicated source of funding for revitalization work across Baltimore City now in its second funding round. The deadline for the Baltimore Preservation Fund has been extended to October 16, 2020.

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