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On April 28, 1788, Maryland became the seventh state of the United States of America. After the Articles of Confederation had failed, the U.S. needed a new governing document. The nation’s leaders proposed a federal Constitution to replace it. The U.S. Constitution was drafted and sent out to the thirteen states for ratification; nine needed to ratify it in order for it to pass. Maryland was the seventh colony to approve the new Constitution.

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Today is the International Day for Monuments and Sites, also known as World Heritage Day. Created as a way to celebrate diversity and cultural heritage around the world, Preservation Maryland and our program The Campaign for Historic Trades are celebrating the value of history in our lives and our work to preserve and protect sites across the country.

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By Preservation Maryland

Made in Maryland: Maryland’s Brewing History

It’s National Beer Day, and we’ll drink to that! If you’re from Maryland, you know that Baltimore’s National Bohemian beer holds a special place in the hearts of Marylanders – nearly 90% of Natty Boh sales are still made in Baltimore. Today we’re looking at the history of this Baltimore-born brewing company, a former Baltimore bottling plant, and some of our favorite local spots operating around the state today. 

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Maryland Day is the anniversary of when the first European settlers landed in Maryland. They disembarked from ships called the Ark and the Dove and landed on St. Clement’s Island in St. Mary’s County on March 25th, 1634. Marylanders began celebrating the anniversary in 1903 when the State Board of Education declared the day an important one in Maryland’s history. In 1916, Maryland Day became a legal state holiday. Today Preservation Maryland is celebrating Maryland Day by featuring our state’s 23 counties and one independent city. Read below for a unique historic place to visit in each county.

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