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As America confronts the history and legacy of its Civil War, Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding recently visited the Antietam Battlefield, located in Sharpsburg, Maryland, to chronicle just a few of the site’s untold stories and unique layers of history.

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By Preservation Maryland

9/11 History in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Dedicated on September 11, 2011, the 9/11 Memorial of Maryland at Baltimore’s World Trade Center honors the extraordinary heroism, commitment, and sacrifice of Maryland’s 9/11 victims, rescuers, first responders, and their families.

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Preservation Maryland was invited to present a brief history of Maryland’s Suffrage Movement as part of the organization’s multi-year Six-to-Fix initiative to bring one the most important – but overlooked – civil rights movements in Maryland and America to light.

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From spicy to sweet, Maryland food has it all. The origins of this pie are murky, with some recipes noting that it was a poor man’s dessert, created by those who could not afford high-class ingredients. Joyce White, a culinary historian, and consultant who has worked with Riversdale and guest-curated for the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, suspects this pie has its origins in Maryland’s agricultural history.

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