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On the 160th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest single day in American history, we’re chronicling just a few of Antietam’s untold stories and unique layers of history. Follow along with Preservation Maryland’s President and CEO Nicholas Redding as he visits the battlefield, located in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Central to the ability to tell this story is preservation, which is one of the primary reasons that Preservation Maryland launched its own battlefield preservation program aimed at helping to preserve, rehabilitate, and interpret some of the state’s most iconic places — and to make certain that the stories told are comprehensive and inclusive of their long histories.

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Preservation Maryland unveiled new South Mountain branding at an event hosted today at Shafer Farm in Burkittsville, Md., on the 160th anniversary of the battle.

The brand and logo will unite all future signage on the sprawling, many thousand-acre landscape, to knit together this story and educate and bring more visitors to key points on the battlefield. 

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By Nicholas A. Redding

This Day in History: The Battle of Gettysburg

In late June of 1863, nearly 150,000 soldiers moved through the narrow and dusty roads of Maryland towards the devastating clash at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, just a few miles north of the Mason-Dixon line.

While the battle unfolded on the fields surrounding Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, much of the campaign that led to the dramatic battle played out in Maryland – with both US and Confederate forces moving across the state and covering their movements as they attempted to outflank and corner their adversary.

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Preservation Maryland is recruiting for a 3-month paid internship that will be based at the South Mountain State Battlefield in Frederick/Washington County, Maryland. This unique internship will focus on researching and interpreting underrepresented and untold stories of the battlefield, with a focus on the experiences and lives of African American women and children. Interns will work closely with the site historian and will be managed by staff of the Maryland Park Service.

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