Schifferstadt in Frederick, MD.

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum recognized as National Historic Landmark

By Meagan Baco

On January 11, 2017, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel announced that Schifferstadt in Frederick County has met the distinction of exceptional value to the history of the United States and was named a National Historic Landmark – the highest historic honor in the United States.

Architectural cross-section of Schifferstadt.

From the Department of the Interior announcement: Constructed in 1758, Schifferstadt is an outstanding example of a Georgian-period house influenced by German American cultural and construction traditions, located in Frederick, Maryland. With its exterior Georgian architectural style and many ethnically Germanic features on the interior, the house embodies how German immigrants chose to retain much of their cultural heritage within their houses while exhibiting their social and economic status on the exterior.

Did you know? The structure was built by German immigrant Elias Bruner and named for his father’s home village, Klein Schifferstadt. Today, one of Frederick, Maryland’s sister cities is Schifferstadt and Frederick County Landmarks offers travel and educational opportunities to Germany.

Preservation Maryland would like to congratulate Frederick County Landmarks on their ownership and stewardship of the Schifferstadt property that brought to fruition this listing as a National Historic Landmark – one of only 75 other NHL historic sites in Maryland.

Meagan Baco · Director of Communications

Meagan Baco shares the stories of the Old Line State’s important history and unique places – and the people working to preserve it, through Preservation Maryland’s website and publications.

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