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Smart Growth Maryland and our partners in the Smarter Growth Alliance for Charles County are standing in opposition to a proposed Amendment to the 2016 Comprehensive Plan that would rezone 558 acres of protected land within the Watershed Conservation District as Employment and Industrial Park District. The rezoning would result in increased development, the destruction of vital natural resources, and an increase in impervious surfaces.

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As America confronts the history and legacy of its Civil War, Preservation Maryland President and CEO Nicholas Redding recently visited the Antietam Battlefield, located in Sharpsburg, Maryland, to chronicle just a few of the site’s untold stories and unique layers of history.

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282 years after the trees which make up its walls were axed in the western wilderness of a place then called Mary Land, Preservation Maryland, our partners, and the Washington County community gathered at 417 N. Jonathan Street to celebrate the completion of our Historic Property Redevelopment project in Hagerstown.

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Washington County Flag

By Preservation Maryland

Flags Across Maryland: Washington County

In this feature, Preservation Maryland is exploring the unique history of five county flags across the state

The Washington County flag, adopted in 1988, features a portrait of the county’s namesake, George Washington, on a green and blue background split by a bold, red “W.” Washington is surrounded by nine stars, one for each of the county’s incorporated towns. Hagerstown, the county seat, is represented by the largest star. The green and blue reflect the natural heritage of the county: fertile agricultural land, forests, mountains, and rivers. 

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