Save a Grave

Help preserve history + engage the next generation of historic preservationists

Preservation Maryland is excited to announce a new program coming Spring 2022. With your help, we will also be able to provide young adults with the supplies needed for historic cemetery preservation.


Through our planned programming made possible by a grant from the Rural Maryland Council, groups will be trained by preservation experts while they learn about the historical significance, proper maintenance, and importance of cemetery preservation – and will be supported in the continuation of this work at 25 sites across the state well into the future. We are partnering with Atlas Preservation to purchase supplies at a 20% discount. Your donation will go toward specialized supplies, including D/2 Biological Solution, grab & go sprayer/misters, short handle scrub brushes, nylon detail brushes, tile & grout brushes, plastic scrapers, and kneeling pads. For $500 you can fund an entire kit for eight people for one of our 25 planned sites.

We are starting early this year & asking for supporters to donate so we can purchase tools for preservation workshops and to help trained groups continue to maintain the spaces. With your support, we can engage, train, mobilize, and equip young adults across the state to become a new generation of preservationists!




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