How We Work

We consistently work to be a resource for the individuals and grassroots organizations working to save places that matter to their communities. This work takes on many forms, including thousands of hours of technical assistance, capacity building, strategic visioning and establishment of effective partnerships.


These representatives from each of our Six-to-Fix sites have stepped up to make a difference. Are you part of the fix?

Our work is implemented by a dedicated staff of professional employees. Each team member oversees a different and equally compelling aspect of our mission. Though by measure of our staff size we are technically a ‘small non-profit,’ we pride ourselves on being alarmingly effective.

To make measurable impacts, our work has been divided into three specific, targeted and strategic efforts:

  • Advocacy: Speaking up and making the case for the policies, programs and funding that makes preservation possible. 
  • Outreach & Education: Rolling up our sleeves and working to support and empower preservation efforts statewide through coordination, training and direct engagement via Maryland’s Six-to-Fix
  • Funding: Directly investing in preservation projects through our Heritage Fund and by working to secure additional private philanthropy in our state’s historic resources.
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