Historic Frederick, Maryland.

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By Preservation Maryland

Revitalizing our historic communities isn’t just a way to save our heritage; reusing existing buildings is also great for the economy.

Historic rehabilitation has created millions of jobs and generating billions in private investment. Studies show residential rehabilitation creates 50% more jobs than new construction. And the jobs preservation creates are almost always better paid than new construction. That means more money in our state’s economy – and that means better schools, healthcare and roads.

Preservation Maryland is hard at work in our state legislature, making sure that preservation receives the support it needs. Our state historic tax credit program has helped to rehab thousands of buildings – and created over $3 billion in economic activity. It’s a program we keep alive through our efforts.

Ellicott City is supports its historic Main Street buildings and businesses.

We’re not just fighting for the past. We’re fighting for our state’s future – and we’re working hard to improve our state’s economy. When you join Preservation Maryland you’re helping us help Maryland.

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Preservation Maryland is Maryland’s first and largest organization dedicated to preserving the state’s historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes, and archaeological sites.

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