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Heritage Society

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Heritage Society

Membership Criteria: The Heritage Society is comprised of those individuals, corporations and foundations that have given $2,500 or more to Preservation Maryland in one fiscal year. Any combination of gift amounts totaling $2,500 or more to the following qualify the donor(s) for membership in the Heritage Society: annual fund, sponsorship of annual meeting, annual fund, sponsorship of  annual conference, sponsorship of Endangered Maryland, board contribution,  investment fund or endowment, gift for a specified program (e.g. the Eastern Shore Field office),  specified planned gift. In kind contributions do not qualify for membership in the Heritage Society.   

Maintenance of Membership: To remain in the Heritage Society, a donor must make a gift(s) totaling $2,500 in each fiscal year. However, members may remain in the Heritage Society for one fiscal year after the conclusion of the fiscal year in which the donor made his or her most recent $2,500 gift(s).  However, any gifts made during that year will not qualify toward the $2,500 minimum in the following year. If a minimum of $2,500 is not given in the fiscal year immediately following the one in which the member failed to contribute at least $2,500, the donor will no longer be considered a member of the Heritage Society.

Benefits: Heritage Society members will be listed on Preservation Maryland’s web site and profiled in The Phoenix  (monthly electronic newsletter) when they join. They will also be listed in the annual report.  Heritage Society members will be honored annually at a historic property which represents the mission of Preservation Maryland. Heritage Society members will receive a special quarterly report from the executive director.

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