Six-to-Fix is an innovative program designed to help save threatened resources statewide. Preservation Maryland invests seed funding, expert professional staff and volunteer time, and statewide advocacy and outreach efforts to move projects towards preservation. Rather than creating lists of threatened buildings, we’re doing something about it.

New Projects

Ellicott City Flood Recovery

The Problem

This July, a flash flood inundated Ellicott City and in a matter of minutes, the picturesque historic Main Street, was transformed into a disaster zone. Flood waters can rise and fall in a matter of minutes, but with this level of damage, recovery efforts may be required for years to come. We know that retaining the history and character of the City is a critical component of recovery, and will support the community in the complex process of rebuilding in a historic district.

The Fix

To help Ellicott City’s property and business owners navigate the process of rebuilding their historic structures, Preservation Maryland has established a temporary Ellicott City Preservation Resource Center on Main Street to address both immediate and long-term historic preservation needs. We will also work with our partners at the Patapsco Heritage Greenway and Howard County Government to identify and implement innovative flood mitigation solutions for the historic buildings of Ellicott City.

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Valve House at Clifton Park

The Problem

From an age when municipal buildings stood as a testament to a city’s pride, the Valve House, in its current state, stands as a reminder that buildings need utility. Since becoming obsolete nearly 50 years ago the decorative conical building has sat vacant with time and weather taking their toll. Even the innovative steel truss system that supports the conical red clay tile roof has started to rust – a condition that could be the last straw, along with failing mortar and penetrating vegetation.

The Fix

Working with our partners at CivicWorks, Preservation Maryland will work to strengthen community support for the revitalization of the Valve House, to develop a list of potential uses for the building, and to assist CivicWorks in obtaining a long term lease on the structure clearing a path towards purpose and resuse.

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Cultural Landscapes of the Eastern Shore

The Problem

Kent Count remains a truly picturesque rural, historic landscape, but recently, solar and wind farms have been proposed, which could drastically alter the look and feel of the region. Hundreds of acres could eventually be converted to this new use. While no one questions that clean energy is necessary for a more sustainable future, it should not come at the expense of the state’s history and heritage.

The Fix

Preservation Maryland will work with our Eastern Shore partners, including the Kent Conservation and Preservation Alliance to better understand the threats to Maryland’s historic landscape while offering alternative solutions and locations to produce renewable energy. We will also work with our partners in the Environmental community, including 1000 Friends of Maryland and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, to identify common ground between the environmental and historic preservation community.

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Adaptive Reuse of the Hamilton Willard Shafer Farm

The Problem

Just outside of Burkittsville, a well-preserved small historic community in western Frederick County, lies the Shafer Farm, the site of a Union headquarters during the Civil War Battle of South Mountain in 1862. The farm house, barn, and out buildings have been vacant for nearly 20 years and have suffered as a result of deferred maintenance. Without immediate attention, this witness to Civil War could be lost forever.

The Fix

With Preservation Maryland’s assistance, the long term goal for the Shafer property to act as a heritage tourism anchor may finally be achievable. We will provide technical assistance to the newly formed Burkittsville Preservation Association to stabilize the structure, develop a long-term, sustainable use and care strategy for the property, and  also assist with grant-writing, fundraising and public awareness.

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Newtowne Manor Religious Complex

The Problem

Beginning in the 1630s and 1640s, it was from this area that Jesuit priests conducted missionary activities, while also seeing to the religious needs of the colony’s first settlers. From as long ago as the 17th century, Southern Maryland has been an area with deep and strong roots in the story of religious freedom in America and Maryland. The St. Francis Xavier Church and Newtowne Manor House in St. Mary’s County represents an example of a self-contained, self-supporting Jesuit community. Unfortunately, the majority of the diverse buildings on the site have suffered from disuse, with broken windows, wildlife, and water penetrating through the historic foundation.

The Fix

Preservation Maryland will support our partners at the recently established Friends of Newtowne Manor House through fundraising development, capacity building, and statewide public awareness. We will also provide technical assistance to assess the current condition of the building and determine what is required for its immediate stabilization, as well as identifying potential future uses.

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Historic Cemeteries of Maryland

The Problem

Some of the most sacred sites in Maryland are in impending danger due to environmental factors as well as the passage of time. Cemeteries face resource specific threats including lack of funding for maintenance and conservation as well as pressure to use the land for development. In some cases, questions of ownership also halt preservation.

The Fix

Preservation Maryland will work closely with the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites to bring much needed attention to the thousands of cemeteries throughout the state that are in disrepair, while also providing the general public with information on how to care for neglected and abandoned cemeteries. We will also organize volunteer cleanup days at cemeteries around the state.

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Historic Cemeteries of Maryland

On-going Projects

Antietam Battlefield: A Cleanup Campaign

The site of “The Final Attack” at Antietam was a conclusive moment in the Civil War but maintaining an ever-growing landscapes isn’t easy in the context of the many acres of the larger Battlefield site.

Learn More

Baltimore’s Historic Storefronts

After protests damaged dozens of storefronts in a historic African-American commercial corridor, Preservation Maryland and partners advocated for funding to repair the physical wounds and offered professional documentation services prior to restoration work that will be done in a historically-sensitive manner.

Learn More

Dorchester County: High Tides of Change

Due to the necessity of water our Maryland historic resources are often located in coastal areas and thus disproportionately at risk from increasing sea-level rise and large storm events. As many of these resources will likely be lost, now is the time for documentation.

Learn More

Glenn Dale Hospital: Breathing New Life into Old Buildings

The needed array of agencies, strong community concern, and now Preservation Maryland, has recently coalesced to move the needle forward on this long-vacant and large historic campus in Prince George’s County toward an adaptive reuse project that will serve and benefit the neighborhood and beyond.

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Holly Hall: The Grand Dame of Elkton

At over 200 years old, Holly Hall is an iconic piece of the city of Elkton’s history. The mansion is currently in need of restoration and preservation, something that Elkton’s Mayor Robert J. Alt identified as one of his goals when he took office. This project has political, public, and private support, it just needs guidance.

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Pleasant View: From Civil War to Civil Rights

With an active Board of Trustees wanting to do the right thing by their historic site, Preservation Maryland connected the community with preservation professionals to envision and plan the future of this important place for African-American history from Civil War to Civil Rights.

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The Six-to-Fix program allows Preservation Maryland to take direct action to fulfill its mission to protect the best of Maryland. Your donation helps provide technical assistance through Preservation Maryland staff and preservation experts to threatened and underutilized historic places – your donation has a direct impact on saving Maryland architecture and history.

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You can help. Six-to-Fix rallies the Maryland preservation community around discrete and necessary tasks and projects to advance each project. Folks with all skills and interests are encouraged to sign-up. You will receive periodic announcements with opportunities to participate, and we hope you can join us to save history together.

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Latest Six-To-Fix Posts

Mon, 03/27 - 1:57am

Six-to-Fix Update: Ellicott City Recovery Continues

Immediately after the flooding in Ellicott City, Preservation Maryland initiated a statewide fundraising effort and was one of the first non-profit organizations to provide boots-on-the-ground by opening the Ellicott City Preservation Resource Center. That Center has been open and staffed since August, here’s what we’ve contributed to the recovery:

Wed, 03/15 - 11:54am

Six-to-Fix Update: The Murals of Main Street in Ellicott City

The road to recovery for Ellicott City has had many milestone moments along the way: emergency stabilization of storefronts, reopening Main Street for holiday shoppers, and progress building-by-building. Some of the smaller moments, too, like recently painted storefront murals, highlight the resilient and artistic spirit of Ellicott City.

Tue, 03/07 - 3:20pm

PreserveCast S1E6: The Art of 3D Modeling with Michelle Eshelman

Our own Michelle Eshelman is interviewed on this episode of PreserveCast! Listen in for her thoughts on architecture schools, new architectural tools, and the very important work she’s doing around the state through Preservation Maryland’s Six-to-Fix program and our Ellicott City Preservation Resource Center:

Partners in Preservation

By partnering with Six-to-Fix you align your company with some of Preservation Maryland’s most important and impactful work, and across a large statewide audience of preservationists, historic home owners, volunteers, decision makers – and doers.

As a range of opportunities are available, please contact Doug Harbit at your earliest convenience to discuss the best way to reach our prosperous and influential network of preservationists in Maryland.

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