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Easement Program

The Preservation Maryland Easement program furthers our mission to protect the irreplaceable through the carefully considered acceptance of easements when such an action offers necessary and permanent protection of an historic resource.  Easement donations will serve as a tool for preservation and stewardship as well as an important component of Preservation Maryland’s planned giving and “gifts of heritage” efforts.

All proposed easements shall be considered on a case by case basis, uniquely planned and evaluated for consideration by the standing Easement Committee of the board of directors. Only those properties listed on or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places will be considered for acceptance in the program. Preservation Maryland has adopted a fee structure that includes costs associated with administration of the easement, including baseline documentation, monitoring, and legal fees. For further information, please contact Margaret De Arcangelis at 410-685-2886 x 302 or at mdearcangelis@preservationmaryland.org.

Easement Program Guide and Policies
Easement Program Procedures
What is an Easement and other FAQ's
National Trust for Historic Preservation Easement

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