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Preservation Maryland is committed to assisting local non-profit preservation and community organizations throughout Maryland in their efforts to preserve historic structures and revitalize blighted areas. Information sharing and educational workshops offer Colleagues members the opportunity to learn from national and state experts specializing in the fields of organizational issues, lobbying and community revitalization.

Colleagues is intended to serve the entire historic preservation community. All local, regional or statewide non-profit organizations - large or small, new or established - that include historic preservation as an active part of their mission can benefit from becoming a member of Colleagues.


Organizational Development and Training

Workshops, including sessions at the annual Preservation & Revitalization Conference and a fall training event, present speakers with local and national expertise to share preservation advice about advocacy and lobbying, nonprofit "best practices", community revitalization, architecture and design and other topics of special relevance to Colleagues.


The program provides an infrastructure for collaboration and communication to identify emerging preservation needs and assemble effective lobbying constituencies to address issues of local, statewide and national importance. In addition, local advocacy assistance offered by Preservation Maryland supports Colleagues in their community preservation efforts.


Colleagues receive discounted registration for the annual Preservation & Revitalization Conference.  Preservation Maryland's website provides access to information that can help make valuable preservation connections - nationally, regionally and statewide.


The Colleagues program provides opportunities for local and statewide organizations to exchange ideas at meetings and events, facilitated by Preservation Maryland in cooperation with Colleagues and partners.


Colleagues receive a regular e-newsletter with current information on special events, funding opportunities and national and local preservation news.

Building the Movement

 Participation in Colleagues expands opportunities for the Maryland preservation community to reach out to nonprofit preservation groups, heritage areas, environmental interest groups, Main Street revitalization initiatives, museums, archeology advocates, government entities and historic district commissions to develop strategic preservation and advocacy partnerships with state and national organizations.


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