Five Reasons to join Preservation Maryland Today

By Preservation Maryland

Find out why our supporters from across the state are passionate about our work and why they hope you’ll join with them today, and become a member of Preservation Maryland. You’ll join this winning team that is actively saving places that truly matter.

1. Because Preservation Maryland is a partner we trust to find innovative solutions.

Katie Park, right, with Preservation Maryland on Capitol Hill.

Katie Parks, right, with Preservation Maryland on Capitol Hill.

In Preservation Maryland’s effort to save Maryland’s history we work with a wide variety of partners. Many share our passion promoting our small towns with cultural tourism while preserving surrounding areas of natural beauty and open space, and telling the story of rural Maryland


“To save Maryland’s open landscapes, we need to find innovative ways to repair, restore and rehab our historic towns. That’s the work I do at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy‘s Center for Towns – and that’s where I’ve seen Preservation Maryland in action. From on-the-ground, building-by-building technical assistance to Federal and State advocacy, they are a partner we trust.”

2. Because Pleasant View wanted to do the right thing and needed Preservation Maryland’s help.

Keast & Hood donated an expert engineering evaluation of the Pleasant View Historic Site.

Keast & Hood donated an expert engineering evaluation of the Pleasant View Historic Site.

Launched in 2015, Preservation Maryland’s Six-to-Fix program is an innovative effort to help save critically threatened historic resources, providing technical assistance, marketing, funding, and communications to projects across the state.


“We knew we needed professional help to preserve the historic church and school room at our site. The Six-to-Fix program has helped our project by providing access to new resources and experts, including securing an essential engineering report from Keast & Hood – that would not have been possible without Preservation Maryland’s assistance.”

3. Because my family’s history should not be erased!

Susan Bolyard's family has lived in her home since 1897.

Susan Bolyard’s family has lived in her home since 1897.

When historic places are seriously threatened by outdated policy, Preservation Maryland is not afraid to roll up our sleeves and fight. This year, we’ve spotlighted a project that would erase a piece of Cumberland’s history.


“As a homeowner, I’m fighting Cumberland’s efforts to demolish my house and neighborhood to sell the site to a sprawl-style developer. That’s not economic development. My family has lived in this house since it was built in 1897. Preservation Maryland was a voice for my community early in the fight, and they have helped us make the case for protecting where we call home.”

4. Because Baltimore has more historic buildings than any other city in America.

20060809-01-36th Street-Hampden

Advocacy on behalf of preservation is a critical part of our work. In 2016, we spent countless hours in Annapolis making sure history has a voice in the General Assembly and re-authorized legislation that could save thousands of buildings statewide.


“Baltimore has more historic buildings than any other city in America. Not because we are bigger than New York or older than Philadelphia, but because we know preservation keeps our city in the game. There are a lot of innings yet to play. Preservation Maryland’s advocacy efforts make preservation possible. That’s why I’ve been a member for 20+ years, and it’s why I plan to be a member for years to come.”

5. Because I rediscovered my community, past and present.

Visioning and architecture team at Holly Hall, Cecil County.

Visioning and architecture team at Holly Hall, Cecil County.

Preservation Maryland connects a growing and vibrant movement of preservationists around the state. Our communications – in print, online and soon to be on-air – highlight trends and best practices, and celebrate the history of our state.


“While living in Los Angeles, I fell in love with historic movie theaters! When I returned home, I immediately connected with Preservation Maryland to find historic places here. I am impressed by the high-quality and innovative communications I receive as a member. I read every word of The Phoenix newsletter and am a loyal follower of their social media posts for relevant news and fun updates.”

Preservation Maryland

Preservation Maryland is Maryland’s first and largest organization dedicated to preserving the state’s historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes, and archaeological sites.

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