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Eastern Shore

Eastern Shore Regional Field Office

Everyday across Maryland it is the local grass roots preservation efforts where the difference is made in our communities. The Eastern Shore is made up of many towns and wonderful rural communities that have offered their residents a truly special way of life for hundreds of years. However, the character and culture of the Shore is rapidly changing and is facing tremendous pressure from development. In response, we have established our new Eastern Shore Field Office to direct 'on the ground' preservation services and assistance to those individuals, organizations, and county governments who are dedicated to preserving the rich cultural and historic resources of this unique and fragile region.

Elizabeth Beckley, Eastern Shore Field Director, is hard at work across all nine counties of the Shore. In this role, she represents Preservation Maryland by providing funding, advocacy and technical assistance for the protection of historic and cultural resources; offering strategies and support for controlling growth; and working with local and regional preservation organizations and individuals to expand local preservation programs and resources on the Eastern Shore.

While Preservation Maryland has been active on the Shore, until now it did not have the capacity to truly address the pressing preservation needs of this important area. It is only through our continued stewardship and vigilance that we will be able to work together to preserve the historic and scenic character of the Eastern Shore as we know it into the future.

Our Funders

The Eastern Shore Field office is a cooperative program of Preservation Maryland and the National Trust for Historic Preservation made possible through the generosity of the following: Canusa Corporation Charitable Foundation; Louisa C. Duemling; Grayce B. Kerr Fund; Louise Lake Hayman; Davy McCall; PNC/Baltimore Community Foundation; Summerfield Baldwin, Jr., Foundation; Richard and Beverly Tilghman and Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman; Kathryn Washburn and William Niskanen; William D. Waxter III and an anonymous donor.

Bartus Trew Providence Preservation Fund for the Eastern Shore
Eastern Shore Resources
Eastern Shore Case Statement

Eastern Shore Advisory Council

Members of the Eastern Shore Advisory Council provide a regional support structure to the efforts of the Eastern Shore Field Office by providing knowledge, guidance, and resources that help further our efforts to protect the historic integrity of the Eastern Shore’s nine counties. The Council will help to raise public awareness of the services provided by the Eastern Shore Field Office and help to ensure the sustainability of a field director exclusively serving the Eastern Shore.

Audrey Scott, Chair, William Boyd, Gay Carter Lees, Russell Dashiell, Dale Glenwood Green, Robert Hammond, Harry Lord, Gale Owings, Diane Savage, John Seidel, Richard Tilghman, Kathryn Washburn

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