Historic Tax Credit

The Federal Historic Tax Credit faces elimination or reduction during ongoing tax reform efforts. Here’s what we’re doing and how you can help.

Historic image of children at Meadow Mill, a federal and state tax credit project.

Proactive Preservation

We recently revealed our new major Six-to-Fix preservation initiatives across the state. Find the projects nearest to you and/or nearest to your heart and get involved now!

Preservation Maryland staff after the Six-to-Fix Benefit in Baltimore City, 2017.

Explore Maryland History

There are so many events happening at historic sites across Maryland! Check out our statewide calendar regularly to learn something new.

A recent tour of Highland Beach, a historically African-American waterfront community in Anne Arundel County, 2017.

Direct Funding

Preservation Maryland directly supports preservation projects through the Heritage Fund, a grant program jointly managed with the Maryland Historical Trust.

A team from The Durable Slate Company seals the Civil War-era Shafer Farm roof for winter, 2017.

Technical Assistance

Our team provides technical assistance to an array of preservation projects across the state. Find our more about our services online.

Preservation Maryland arranged emergency roof repairs at the Civil War-era Shafer Farm by The Durable Slate Company.


Preservation Maryland is dedicated to preserving Maryland’s historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes, and archaeological sites through outreach, funding, and advocacy.


Preservation Maryland’s efforts are made possible through your support. Donation to our Annual Fundbecome a member, attend an event, and become an advocate.


The future of the Historic Tax Credit is far from certain as tax reform efforts continue. The Senate plan and path forward remains unclear and open to amendments and major shifts. If, or when, the Senate passes their bill, that bill and the House bill would next head to a conference committee to resolve the vast differences. There is still time for your advocacy and that time is now.

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